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What role do local communities play in the decision-making process for the construction and operation of the DGR?

We recognize the importance of community input and ownership in shaping the Deep Geological Repository (DGR) project in Labrador. Our approach to community involvement goes well beyond traditional consultation methods and aims to set a new standard in collaborative decision-making. Here are some of the ways we’re ensuring the community has a voice:

1. Open Forums and Town Halls:

  • Periodic town halls and open forums are organized to provide community members with a platform to voice their opinions, ask questions, and contribute ideas.

2. Community Liaison Committees (CLCs):

  • We are establishing Community Liaison Committees consisting of local leaders and residents. These committees will have a consultative role in various aspects of the project, from design to operation and an active role in working directly with Labradorians and Newfoundlanders.

3. In-Depth Workshops:

  • Specialized workshops on specific aspects of the DGR, such as safety, environmental impact, and economic benefits, will be organized to facilitate more detailed discussions and gather expert community input.

4. Real-time Transparency:

  • All significant project updates, data, and plans will be shared transparently with the community through a dedicated online portal, newsletters, and public meetings.

5. Collaborative Site Selection:

  • The location for the DGR will not be decided unilaterally; we are engaging in a collaborative process with the community to identify the most suitable and agreeable site.

6. Operating Principles:

  • Community input will be sought in shaping the operating principles of the DGR to ensure that they align with local values and expectations.

7. Social and Economic Plans:

  • We want to hear from the community about how the DGR can contribute positively to the social and economic fabric of Labrador, and we will integrate these ideas into our project planning.

8. Inclusion of Indigenous Communities:

  • We are committed to meaningful consultation and real partnership with Indigenous communities to ensure that their traditional knowledge and perspectives are incorporated.

9. Long-term Engagement:

  • Community involvement doesn’t end once the DGR is operational. Ongoing input will be sought to adapt and improve the project as it evolves over generations.

Through these comprehensive and collaborative approaches, we aim to not only gain community approval but also co-create a project that is truly of the community, for the community. Our goal is to make the DGR project a collaborative success story, one where the benefits and responsibilities are shared in an equitable and transparent manner.