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How will water be protected during the construction and operation of the DGR?

The protection of water resources is a cornerstone of our commitment to environmental stewardship in the development and operation of the Deep Geological Repository (DGR) in Labrador. Our approach to safeguarding water quality and availability is both comprehensive and adaptive. Here’s how we plan to accomplish this:

1. Site Selection:

  • The site for the DGR is chosen after comprehensive geological assessments, ensuring that it is located in an area where the risk to water bodies is minimized.

2. Environmental Impact Assessments:

  • Before construction begins, extensive environmental studies will be conducted to assess the potential impact of the DGR on local water resources, including groundwater and surface water bodies.

3. Water Management Plan:

  • Based on these assessments, a detailed Water Management Plan will be developed to outline measures for protecting water resources. This will include the treatment of any wastewater and plans for stormwater management.

4. Engineering Safeguards:

  • Advanced engineering techniques will be employed to create barriers that isolate the repository from the surrounding environment, thereby mitigating the risk of water contamination.

5. Monitoring Systems:

  • Real-time monitoring systems will be implemented to continually assess water quality around the DGR site. This will enable us to quickly detect and address any issues that may arise.

6. Regulatory Compliance:

  • Our water protection measures will adhere to, and aim to exceed, local, national, and international guidelines and regulations for water quality and conservation.

7. Community Involvement:

  • As part of our commitment to transparency and community engagement, we will keep the public informed about our water protection measures and will invite community input to further enhance our strategies.

8. Collaborative Partnerships:

  • We intend to work closely with environmental agencies, local governments, and community organizations to coordinate our water protection efforts and integrate them with broader watershed management initiatives.

9. Long-term Stewardship:

  • Our water protection measures are designed for longevity and will be regularly reviewed and updated based on the latest scientific research and community feedback.

By taking these thorough and precautionary steps, we aim to ensure that the DGR project will not only meet but exceed all standards for water protection. Our goal is to maintain the highest quality of water resources for the people, wildlife, and ecosystems of Labrador both now and for future generations.