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How is soil health enhanced and safeguarded during the construction and operation of the DGR?

Soil health is a cornerstone of environmental well-being, and we are excited about the opportunities our Deep Geological Repository (DGR) project in Labrador presents to not only safeguard but also enhance soil quality. Here’s how we are contributing positively to soil health:

1. Proactive Environmental Studies:

  • We are conducting comprehensive soil studies that not only serve as a baseline but also as a guide for enhancing soil conditions. This is an opportunity to learn and contribute to soil science and local ecology.

2. Advanced Containment Measures:

  • Cutting-edge engineering practices, including the use of impermeable barriers, are being employed to enhance the natural protection of the soil against potential risks.

3. Responsible Construction:

  • Our construction methodologies are designed to maintain, and where possible, improve soil integrity, thereby reducing erosion and promoting soil health.

4. Excellence in Waste Management:

  • With world-class waste management systems, we are ensuring that materials are handled in a way that not only minimizes risk but also maintains the quality of the soil.

5. Real-Time Monitoring:

  • Our state-of-the-art monitoring systems are a proactive measure that allows us to continuously improve soil conditions and adapt our methods as needed.

6. Exceeding Regulatory Standards:

  • Our commitment to soil health goes beyond compliance with regulations; we aim to set new benchmarks in soil protection and enhancement.

7. Community Empowerment:

  • By keeping the public informed about our soil health initiatives, we are empowering the community to actively participate in environmental stewardship.

8. Collaborative Innovation:

  • Partnering with soil scientists and experts allows us to incorporate the latest advancements in soil health, contributing positively to the field and the local environment.

9. A Legacy of Stewardship:

  • Our dedication to soil health isn’t short-term; it’s part of a long-term vision for environmental enrichment and sustainable community development.

Through these innovative and positive measures, we are excited to not just maintain, but actively improve soil health in Labrador. This underlines our commitment to the environment and to setting new standards for responsible, positive impact.