Deep down, we care about the home we all share: The Earth.

The People and Purpose of Deep GEO.

DeepGEO Beginnings

  • DeepGEO was born in Labrador: A group here recognized a global business opportunity which could empower Labradorians to enhance their quality of life, protect their culture, and take control of their own future.
  • The Problem: Many countries were planning and developing projects to build Deep Geological Repositories (DGR) for their used nuclear fuel.  But what about those countries who can’t?
  • The Solution: An International DGR that could safely store used nuclear fuel from places that couldn’t build their own DGR.
  • The Opportunity: It would be a tremendous asset to the world’s clean energy economy and could generate significant funds that could stimulate enormous economic and social change locally for communities.
  • No Small Task: The local group needed help creating and building the relationships and recognition in the nuclear industry at a Global Level.
  • How we did it: The group recruited Link Murray, a passionate and seasoned international businessperson and consultant with an equalled passion for the Big Land and her people.  Link founded the company DeepGEO to partner with Labradorians so that we can take advantage of this global scale opportunity.

“The spirit of Deep GEO people is caring, Earth-conscious, community-minded and light-hearted. We enjoy our work.”

-Deep GEO Member of the Board of Directors

Community Commitment

Deep Geo is committed to Labrador.  That is why the company will create an Investment Trust Fund to directly benefit Labradorians.

Global Expansion

From our humble beginnings right here in Labrador, we have now expanded our team to include international scientists, engineering partners and nuclear industry leaders.  We have also established community based programs with two African countries and a global administration hub that operates Internationally.



Deep GEO will be a world leader in the safe transportation and storage of nuclear waste for any country that needs this service. Here are five things we focus on to help us make a difference.


Because spent nuclear fuel can remain active for 100,000 years, our corporate plans and procedures are created for centuries, not decades. We’re attentive to details but always see the big picture.


An investment trust fund will be established to create social, economic, and environmental benefits for the community. In addition, every community that hosts a nuclear storage site will have access to a charitable giving fund for purposes of community wellness.


Based on our business plan and the scale involved with our underground nuclear storage solutions, we expect to provide a substantial return to our investors.


Removing nuclear waste from the surface and storing it deep underground is our contribution to a clean energy future making our planet safer, cleaner and greener.


We provide an important, environmentally valuable service. Our attitude is positive. We solve big problems. We embrace complex challenges. Our work matters.


Our Story

Progressive group of community leaders in Labrador, Canada fosters the idea of bringing a Deep Geological Repository for the storage of used nuclear fuel to northern Canada.

Deep GEO business plan shared with industry and political leaders.  The plan received positive feedback and the company was incorporated.

Deep GEO was introduced to the Nuclear Industry at the World Nuclear Association Working Group meetings and IAEA Radioactive Waste Conference.
Series A investment outreach launched and offices opened in North America and EMEA.

First regional partnership agreements established.

Nuclear waste solutions for the

Entire World